Links to Radio Materials Cited by Page in the Book

The following references are from Understanding Evangelical Media: The Changing Face of Christian Communication. The author of the chapter on evangelical radio is Paul Creasman. This chapter also contains articles authored by Randall Bytwerk, Scott Tanis, and Michael Ray Smith.

Salem Broadcasting Corporation(p. 34)

Focus on the Family(p. 35)

“Small cadre of evangelicals uses web streaming and podcasting exclusively….” (p. 36)
Tasty Fresh

Rob Bell Sermons (p. 36)
Mars Hill Church

“Programs edited directly from Sunday sermons…” (p. 36

An Internet Alternative to Regular Radio: PRX (p. 43)

A Christian, an Atheist, and a Rabbi Walk into a Bar… (p. 44)The Hub Radio Show

Links to Additional Online Perspectives

These links include a wide range of academic, religious, and secular views of evangelical media, from satirical criticism to enthusiastic application.

Academic Articles & Research

“An ‘African’ Gospel: American Evangelical Radio in West Africa, 1954–1970”
The Berkley Electronic Press

“‘We Have Heard the Joyful Sound’: Charles E Fuller’s Radio Broadcast and the Rise of Modern Evangelicalism”
Philip Goff, Religion and American Culture 9 no. 1 (Winter 1999):67–95.

Christian Radio: The Growth of a Mainstream Broadcasting Force
by Bob Lochte (McFarland, 2006)

Redeeming the Dial: Radio, Religion, and Popular Culture in America
by Tona J. Hangen (University of North Carolina Press, 2002)

Commentary & Criticism

“Canadian Evangelical Radio Host Pays People to Go to Church”
Benediction Blog

“Challenges to Evangelical Publishing and Broadcasting”
Christianity Today

News Reports

“Religious Broadcasters Brace for Uncertain Future”

Religion News Service

“Rethinking Religious Radio: Multicasting, Podcasting and Younger Audiences Shake Things Up”  (pdf file)

Producers & Publications

Christian Radio

“Iron Sharpens Iron” Radio Show
One-Stop Resource for Christian Audio on the Web

Rejoice Broadcast Network

Salem Radio Network: Christian Radio’s Source for News

Arbitron national audience ratings
for Christian, contemporary inspirational, gospel, religious, and southern gospel stations


Spoof on Evangelical Radio (explicit)
Jib Jab